High Quality Blogs

We have our own quality scoring system which ranks blogs based on a number of factors; including Page Rank, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Social Engagement, and the Blog’s Own Community to ensure your guest posts are always placed on high quality blogs with a real audience.

Awesome Content

Our content speaks for itself; over 95% of our guest posts are shared socially or commented on. This is down to great research into relevant and trending topics in your niche, our ability to produce high quality and engaging content, and our strict quality guidelines for the blogs we contribute to.


We understand that sometimes you need to get specific with your guest posting campaign, and that’s why we enable you to set your own standards for the guest posts you order. Whether you want to target blogs with a certain Trust Flow, number of followers, or any other metric, we can help.

Agency Friendly

Take the hassle out of agency-scale guest posting, let us take over for you. With agency pricing options, and our unique white-label control panel, we make the perfect partnership for agencies looking for a complete high quality guest posting solution.
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Link Outreach, the right way.

Link Ourtreach  is the process of producing excellent content, and then offering this content to popular and highly authoritative websites your site’s niche. Providing the content being contributed is engaging, high quality, and adds real value for the blogs audience – as all of our content does – then they will publish your content on their blog.


  • Guest Posts– “Quality over quantity” definitely applies here, but it’s great for finding new opportunities in your niche
  • Content Promoters– Find bloggers & writers interested in showing off your content to their audiences


  • Accessible Journalists– We have relationships with 100’s of journalist
  • Resource Linkers– We find news stories that link out to related resources.
  • Audience Input– We search topically for stories in which the editors actively seek audience input.
  • Content Development Focused– We find writers who are likely to cover your story, or repost your infographics and articles.


  • Links Pages– Find the resource and links pages where you can add your site.
  • Reviews– Look for people who review products or services in your space.
  • Giveaways– Offer goods and services in exchange for coverage.
  • Donations– Be charitable and earn links through sponsorship opportunities.
  • Directories – Identify quality directories to help you get your site listed quickly.
  • Blogs– Pinpoint the blogs that cover your industry, and are likely to post about your site.
  • Professional Organizations– Locate trades and professional organizations you can join.


  • Commenting– Find the posts relevant to your key phrases. Join the conversation, and link to your site.
  • Expert Interviews – Identify domain experts you can interview, or pitch your own expertise.
  • Forums – Add value to the conversation and build brand equity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all of the blogs you post on be in my niche?

Yes, all of the blogs we use for your posts will be related to your websites niche.

However, in some cases – particularly with small niches – your guest posts will have a greater effect if they are posted on a larger blog, covering a wider range of topics in your niche.

For example:

  • A site offering rental car insurance might receive a post on a popular travel blog with the title “Going on Holiday? Make Sure you’re Covered!”
  • A site providing bathroom remodeling services might receive a post on a popular home design blog with the title “Fresh Bathroom Styling Ideas for 2013″

What benefits should I expect to see from guest posting?

Not only does our guest posting service provide your website with a high quality link from an authoritative blog in your niche, but it also helps you on several other levels. By distributing exceptional content we help to establish your site as an authority within its niche, as well as helping to increase your brand awareness. All of the blogs we contribute to make use of social share buttons, so our service will help you to build your social engagement too!

Will my website be associated with any spam?

Absolutely not. We have a strict blog quality scoring system in place to ensure the content we produce only gets posted on real blogs, with a real audience – we never use blog networks.

Can I pre-approve the content before it gets posted?

In order to maintain our quick turnaround times, we do not typically allow the content to be pre-approved.

With that being said, we have never had a complaint about the quality of our content. Take a look at our portfolio to see some examples of our work.

If you intend to place large or recurring orders, then we are open to allowing approval on the content during your first order. Please make sure you contact us prior to placing your order though.

Where are the links placed within the guest post?

This depends on the blog owner, all blogs have their own guidelines and rules in place which we must adhere to. If possible, we will place your link in the main body of the content. However, if this is not permitted then we will include your link in the author byline.

Do you offer a discount on bulk or repeat orders?

Yes. We offer discount on repeat and bulk orders, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Is there a minimum order?

No, we have no minimum order quantity.

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